Hello Seattle

Hello Seattle

After what seems to be one of the longest hiatus, we are back.

As explained in our first newsletter of 2023 we felt it necessary to step away in order to get back to the "why" behind our brand.

In hindsight, we now view our " need" to step back, was a "re" surrendering of our business back to God. 

While on "break" , we received so many beautiful testimonies about our brand and the life changing impact its had on so many of you. 

That it wasn't just another "t-shirt" line but something that transcended apparel.

Many shared stories of our pieces enabling them to share their faith with complete strangers when asked " what does your shirt mean" - Others of being told " that's just what I needed" referring to someone wearing our mustard seed faith crewneck sweatshirts.

Others shared how pintsizefaith had become their uniform.

Humbled is an understatement.

And then we met Seattle. 

A child born from an ectopic pregnancy.

Fetuses from ectopic pregnancies don't survive. 

While pregnant with Seattle, her mother screenshot one of our older ads on instagram featuring our grace and mercy onesie. She planned to purchase one of our onesies for her newborn.

That was August 2019. 

We met Seattle's mom in 2022 while visiting a new church and quickly became friends. One day, while in conversation, she later showed me a screenshot of a Christian brand she loved.

It was pintsizefaith.

When we started this brand, the goal was to create biblically inspired apparel that would bring the conversation back to God.

As we move forward in doing so, we want to thank you for sharing your stories with us, they are the driving force behind our resurgence.

P.S Say hello to Seattle our little unofficial ambassador in the black grace and mercy crewneck sweatshirt. 




 All you need is PINTSIZEFAITH

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